Reply 1997 2012 HD монгол хэлээр

Reply 1997 2012 HD монгол хэлээр

Jul. 24, 2012
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Lee Woo-Jung


Jung Eun-ji isSung Shi-won
Sung Shi-won
Seo In Guk isYoon Yoon-jae
Yoon Yoon-jae
Eun Ji-won isDo Hak-chan
Do Hak-chan
Hoya isKang Joon-hee
Kang Joon-hee
Shin So-yul isMo Yoo-jung
Mo Yoo-jung
Lee Si-eon isBang Sung-jae
Bang Sung-jae
Sung Dong-il isSung Dong-il
Sung Dong-il
Lee Il-hwa isLee Il-hwa
Lee Il-hwa
Song Jong-ho isYoon Tae-woong
Yoon Tae-woong

Кино танилцуулга

Ерөнхий агуулга

Reply 1997 is a 2012 South Korean television series that centers on the lives of five friends in Busan, as the timeline moves back and forth between their past as 18-year-old high schoolers in 1997 and their present as 33-year-olds at their high school reunion dinner in 2012, where one couple will announce that they’re getting married. The coming-of-age drama also examines the extreme fan culture that emerged in the 1990s when first generation idol groups such as H.O.T. and Sechs Kies took center stage and K-pop was just blossoming.

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Жинхэнэ гарчиг 응답하라 1997
Эхэлсэн огноо Jul. 24, 2012
Дууссан огноо Sep. 18, 2012
Улирал 1
Анги 16
Статус Ended
Түгээсэн 63

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